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Women Farmers Group:

“ Kalanjium Women farmers Association” is working, with the aim of addressing the issues of climate crisis, water crisis and food crisis. The cultivation of millets is taken up through collective farming. Millets are adapted to a wide range of ecological conditions often growing on skeletal soil. The food grain production serves as food security for the family as well as for the community. Besides this the farmers association is involved in campaign of promoting safe food at the consumer level as well as at the education institutions. The farmers association is also advocating to the State Government for the inclusion of millets in Public Distribution System and incentive for millet cultivators, with the Central government for inclusion of millet in its food security act.

Parampariya an outlet of the farmers association sells millets and millet products to order. Parampariya use it as a campaign strategy to conduct millet recipe competition in Schools and Colleges and canteen in Health meetings and blood donation etc;

Seed Bank:

Our community seed bank has identified important traditional seed varieties and orienting the agricultural community towards conserving and cultivating them. Currently, the focus is on indigenous paddy, Millets and vegetable varieties. Our main aim is to enhance the livelihood security of small and marginal farmers through conservation of indigenous genetic resources and empower them with organic farming technologies