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Our Mission & Vision


  • Creating awareness among the excluded communities.
  • Organising the excluded communities especially women.
  • Advocating for their Socio-Economic, Educational, Health, Gender, Political, Cultural and other rights.
  • Networking with Movements, Organizations and campaign with similar mission.


Women’s Collective believes in the rights of the excluded in the society, especially that of women and children to have a peaceful and secure environment.

Our vision is for a just society in which the rights and the needs of the excluded are addressed without any discrimination on the basis of gender, caste, religion, culture, class, politics, education and health with assured food security, protected & Peaceful environment and disaster preparedness which ensures sustainable development.


We believe in philosophy of humanism with
personal commitment to principles that we
endeavour to foster within the organization.

EQUALITY: To be fair and just in our dealings with all connected. To understand the uniqueness of every child and respect the difference.

EQUITY: To take up the differences into consideration in the allotment of resources.

TRANSPARENCY: To share information with all concerned. To make sure that all systems and procedures are understood and accessible to all to practice openness in all our dealings and behaviour.

ACCOUNTABILITY & RESPONSIBILITY: To be accountable to members and supporters at equal footing. To behave responsibly without fear or favour in reporting violations of any kind. To claim responsibility for any action.

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